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Sponsor a Participant


If you are interested in supporting Planting Peace, consider sponsoring a participant.

Sponsorship for international participants includes travel expenses, food and accommodation for participants for 2 weeks in Alberta, there will be opportunity to connect with your sponsored participant as well. Contact our office to donate or to find out more (, 403-275-6935).Read more

Celebrating Young MCC Supporters

MCC Alberta is excited to celebrate our young Donors! These young people are just some of the many amazing children and youth who put together kits and raise money for MCC projects like Chirstmas Giving. If you know of other young people we should feature please let us know and contact the office to find out more about how your family or school can make a difference!

Follow our "acts of peace" blog to read more inspiring stories of peace!


Highland Sunday School




Since January, Highland Mennonite Brethren Sunday School Class in Calgary has been collecting offerings to buy school kits for MCC's Material Resources program.

Recently, they used their total offerings to buy supplies and assembled the school kits together as a class. They ended up doing 13 in total!

One of their teachers, Bev, shared with MCC how she used stories of Syrian refugees to teach the children about refugee issues and show them how important programs like Material Resources are. As Bev said, "I hope they got a sense for how MCC kits impact families who are displaced by violence and disaster and a bit of a perspective of their part in a project on another continent."

Great job to everyone at Highland!! Thanks so much for your support.



Bearspaw Button

Young Donors Bearspaw Class






Bearspaw Christian School in Calgary has been collecting pennies to to help Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) build sand dams in Kenya. An initiative started by the grade 8 girls bible class has spread to the whole school! The class of 30 girls selected MCC from a number of project options to support. The girls made posters and work to promote the project to their fellow students, from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Each class has a box to gather their pennies and each week the grade 8 girls visit each class to collect the pennies and roll them.

So far they have already raised almost $1000 through this initiative.

 Photo: Estera Kis and Katie Friesen are a part of the grade 8 girls Bible Class.



Sand Hills Class

Sand Hills Class Logo

The Grade 3 class of Sand Hills Elementary School, in LaCrete, raised and donated $1930.00 to MCC Christmas giving projects this December!  Their class has been exploring differences in quality of life around the world, and asking themselves the question:  “How would it be if we didn’t have all the stuff we have now?” In light of this, when the Christmas season approached, they voted 95% in favour of giving to MCC over having a class gift exchange and began planning for a craft and bake sale fundraiser. The students made crafts like wrapping paper, gift tags, and paper angel and Christmas tree decorations and even spent an entire day baking sweet treats. These items were all sold, by donation, to their parents and grandparents. During their sale they also shared their reasons for choosing support MCC’s Christmas Giving Projects.

Thanks to the Sand Hills class for their great generosity Christmas season! The donations they raised went to fund 11 female goats in Kenya, 30 bags of cement to complete 1 dam in Zambia, Games and sports equipment for over 100 kids in Ukraine and 2 global family sponsorships in India! Wow!




Kennedy Krahn

Kennedy Krahn





At 15 years old, Kennedy Krahn is a seasoned fundraiser. Since she was nine years old, Kennedy has raised funds for numerous organizations including MCC Alberta. From bike-a-thons, fundraising birthday parties and peace clubs, Kennedy has spread the message that we can all change the world a little bit at a time! 





Tyler Good

Tyler Good

Tyler is a nine-year-old boy who lives close to Calgary. He decided to raise funds for MCC instead of accepting presents for his birthday. He collected $1050, purchasing six herds of goats for farming families in Kenya!  






Alex FastAlex Fast

A student at Menno Simons Christian School, Alex has raised funds for MCC on his birthday for three years. Encouraging his friends to bring a donation, instead of a gift, this year Alex raised $120 to support a school in Najile, Kenya!










Kai Willms



Kai Willms

For Kai's birthday this year he decided he wanted to collect soccer balls for kids in Guatemala. At Kai's party his friends showed up with five soccer balls. Kai has given the soccer balls to Kim Thiessen to take with her when she travels to Guatemala to record the fifth CD!









The grade 3 class of Leslieville school recently completed a project. The class picked four different ideas they would like to donate towards, researched each option, had a debate, and then chose which idea won. MCC was the lucky winner! The class had a fundraiser and donated all funds to MCC development work overseas.


These youth/young people are taking inspiring steps to make a difference in their world. Feel free to leave a note of encouragement or comment below. 

Peace Events

Speaking Tour with Ricardo Esquivia: October 14 - 16 

Ricardo Esquivia

Ricardo Esquivia is a Colombian Mennonite leader in peace-building and community transformation. A lawyer by profession, he has decades of experience working with local churches and community organizations in regions of Colombia deeply affected by the armed conflict and land disputes. In 1989 he became the founding director of the Columbian Mennonite MInistry for Justice, Peace and Nonviolent Action - Justapaz. Eight years ago he moved "home" to the Caribbean Coast region of Colombia where he began Sembrandopaz (Planting Peace), a regional inter-denominational organization that currently accompanies 7 displaced communities in the process of returning to their land and seeking reparation. 



Oct 14: 

11am: First Mennonite Church, Calgary, AB

6:30pm: Linden Mennonite Brethren Church, Linden, AB


Oct 15:

10am: Presentation at Calgary Christian School (closed to the public)

12pm: Lunch and Learn at the Calgary Thrift Shop (closed to the public)

6pm: Presentation at the University of Calgary, Professional Faculties Building 4259

Event co-sponsored with the Consortium for Peace Studies.


Oct 16:

10am: Presentation at Calgary Christian School (closed to the public)


For further questions or details please email the Alberta office at or by calling 403-275-6935

CASA: Community Awareness through Service and Action

CASA: Community Awareness through Service and Action is a program that is offered all year round through MCC Alberta. Its aim is to provide local learning and serving opportunities in Calgary by providing groups with a first hand look at poverty and homelessness.  CASA is available for youth and young adult groups upon request depending on availability and it can last between 1-5 days. Each CASA program is created around the needs of the group. 

Contact Megan to plan your group's CASA!


Back to Youth Program

How it works

We have partnered with several local agencies who will offer presentations and service opportunities for youth.  MCC works as a facilitator and liaison between the group and our partner agencies, and provides reflection and debriefing time as needed. Each agency offers a different experience based the nature of the services they provide to the community and their availability. CASA is all about flexibility and each visit takes shape differently depending on what we encounter at each agency.

Click here to see the agencies we partner with. 


Base fee per person: $25 per day (includes cost of in-city travel, agency costs, honorariums for presenters and MCC Operation costs)
Additional costs may arise based on the group's needs and availability of accommodations. These potential costs are

  • Accommodations
  • If staying at the FCJ Christian Life Center, there is a fee for meals
  • Meal at a food court
  • Blackfoot Crossing entrance fee: $8-10 per person
  • Blackfoot Crossing tour fee: $3 per person


MCCA helps to set up accommodations for groups. Depending on availability, CASA groups are hosted in local Calgary churches or schools. These churches provide floor space for sleeping, showers, and kitchen space to prepare meals. Churches let us stay for free with a donation, but are not always available. Alternatively, we arranged for groups to stay at the FCJ Christian Life Centre.

The FCJ Christian Life Centre (  is occasionally used for CASA groups as well. This is a Retreat and Conference Center in the heart of downtown Calgary. Here, shared and individual rooms are available with beds for sleeping, showers and meals are prepared for the group. Bagged lunches can be requested. This accommodation is in addition to the CASA fee as MCCA is unable to cover this cost. 


Typically groups prepare their own meals and bagged lunches depending on their accommodations. Food courts are a possibility some days depending on the schedule. If a group wants their meals provided for them, accommodations may be arranged where this is available for additional cost.


CASA groups travel around Calgary to their scheduled events on public transit, which involves walking, busing and riding the C-train. This will help connect us to the urban communities we’re learning about and serving with! MCC Staff will meet the group each morning at their accommodations and lead them around navigating the transit system. Transit fees are covered through the daily fee. 

The agencies we partner with

The Alex
provides innovative and effective health and social solutions for Calgarians in need, helping people move from poverty to stability, improve quality of live, strengthen our community, and reduce strain on government services. They operate a Youth Health Centre, providing holistic care for up to 100 youth per day, ages 12-24. The Alex embraces a multi-disciplinary model of health care that is accessible, responsive, nonjudgmental, nondiscriminatory and participatory.

Alpha House
A safe house, rehab, detox, housing and outreach center for those whose lives are affected by alcohol and other drug dependencies. 

Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park
An interpretive centre located 1.5 hours from Calgary; provides an unique opportunity for learning more about our Aboriginal neighbours; option to stay overnight in tipis available from June to October

CUPS: Calgary Urban Projects Society
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and families overcome poverty through compassionate healthcare and social and education services. Programs seek to address the root causes of poverty and achieve lasting solutions. 

Calgary Dream Centre
Christian organization that focuses on men recovering from addiction. Provides supportive housing at the Centre as well as a permanent scattered housing program in the community.

Calgary Interfaith Food Bank
Provides emergency food distribution to individual Calgarians and the agencies that serve them. 

Drop in Centre
The largest centre in North America with many levels of attending to needs. The DI strives to prevent homelessness where possible, offers care and shelter when needed and provide opportunities for people to rehabilitate and rebuild their lives.  

Inn from the Cold
Established by a network of faith-based volunteers in 1997, Inn from the Cold is Calgary's original and largest emergency family shelter, offering programs and supports to homeless families.

Mustard Seed Calgary
Christian organization that works to offer innovative programs and services. Basic services such as shelter spaces, food, health and personalized support, are provided along with employment assistance and housing. 

Street Light: a program of Youth Unlimited
This is a mobile drop-in center that seeks to assist youth in making the best decisions for their lives by building strong friendships and helping in any way possible.
Offers a 'Night on the Streets' opportunity, where groups experience what living downtown is like for one night. 

Slavation Army
An international Christian organization that offers practical assistance for children and families, shelter for those experiencing homelessness and rehabilitation for those who have lost control of their lives to addiction. 

CASA Contact

Megan Enns
toll free 1-888-622-6337 

Comments from past CASA groups

" This trip has changed my views on how I see, not just the homeless, but everyone. I learned to not be so quick to judge. I would do it again."

"It struck me that homeless people were like regular people and that a lot of them had jobs and looked like regular people. I was surprised by all of it. 

"I now see homeless people in a whole new way. That everyone has a story of how they got where they are and they are not all the same."

"I was surprised by the number of homeless people that could actually be housed, and how many agencies there are in Calgary."

"It surprised me that they were just normal humans like us, but just have had more hardships than us."

" I was surprised to learn that homeless did work and weren't just lazy. It really opened by eyes."

" The agencies were very welcoming, and they didn't reject any homeless, they provide a lot for them and gave them a sense of community." 

"I now really fully appreciate how my life is, and will always respect those agencies."

"What surprised me a lot was simply the fact that even with several large facilities, there are still huge amounts of people that still need help."

CASA Words and Logo

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