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Service Program

MCC workers serve with local churches and community groups in Canada, the United States and more than 50 countries addressing issues of peace, health, education, migration, justice, food and disasters.

Service opportunities are available for people (age 18+) working in a variety of fields across 49 countries where MCC is present. Long term service worker placement's, local volunteer opportunities, International Work and Learning Tours, as well as local learning and service tours (available for youth as young as) exploring poverty and homelessness are just some of the variety of opportunities available to you.  

MCC Alberta currently has Service Workers serving in Laos, Nepal and Vietnam. Work and Serve with MCC!

All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to: a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active church membership; and biblical nonviolent peacemaking.  

Serving and Learning Together

SaltYoung Adults Ages 18-27 from Canada or the US are placed in countries where MCC is present outside North America. They live with local host families and volunteer with local partner organizations for 1 year. Applications for 2014/15 due February 15!  Reflections from Alberta SALT participants Salt Webpage.




Young Adults ages 20-30 from any country with a local MCC presence are placed in a country where they spend 2 years together reflecting, serving and advocating through formal group learning, individual service assignments and active participation in advocacy efforts. Seed Webpage. 


Service Workers International


Service Assignments are available in 1-3 year terms for Adults. Click to Search Available Assignments.

Service Opportunities for Older People (SOOP)


A chance for Adults who have years of life experience a chance to give back. As a volunteer, you choose your location, time and length of service. You assist in finding an assignment, and set your own pace. When these details are confirmed, you can discuss your plans directly with on-site coordinators. SOOP Webpage.

For more information about any of these programs please contact Tiffany at 275-6935 or at


IVEP: International Volunteer Exchange Program


IVEP LogoIVEP is a one year vocational and cultural exchange program that connects international young adults, ages 18 - 30, with host families and partner organizations in Canada and the U.S., where they live, serve and learn with others in a cross-cultural setting. 


The objectives of IVEP are to: 

  • promote international peace and reconciliation
  •  help participants understand themselves and others better
  • increase a sense of personal involvement and responsibility in a world of interrelated peoples
  • strengthen bonds of Christian fellowship
  • broaden horizons and views
  • correct stereotypes and misconceptions about other peoples
  • help participants gain vocational skills through practical on-the-job training 


This year, MCC Alberta and its IVEP partners have welcomed four IVEP participants:

IVEP 2012Maria Kusumaningtami from Indonesia, is currently serving in the MCC Thrift Shop in Edmonton

Jacqueline (Jackie) Karau from Kenya, is serving at the Calgary Centre for Newcomers

Ntombifuthi Mnisi from South Africa, is serving in Abbeydale Christian Fellowship & at MCC Alberta

Yangyang (Yung) Lin from China, is serving at the Edmonton Centre for Newcomers.




How to get Involved:


    IVEP is a great opportunity for a community to engage in service through either hosting an IVEPer in your home or providing a volunteer placement as a partner agency!

    Be a Host: more information      

    Be a Partner Agency: more information 

     Visit for manuals, stories and to see a video!

IVEP Past Participant Bios

Alen Gudalo, 22 comes from Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Alen received his Bachelor of Political Science in Sarajevo before coming on IVEP. He studied various areas such as ethics, geopolicy, constitutional law and the political systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries. Alen shows interest in history, foreign languages and international relations. He has participated in cross-cultural workshops and seminars across Europe and been an active volunteer in the Humanitarian organization, “Bread of St. Anthony.” Alen enjoys dance and spent many years competing in Latin-American dance championships. Since competing he has continued to dance Salsa for recreation and enjoys sharing this interest by teaching. Placement: Centre for Newcomers, Calgary.

Read More


MCC Alberta/Saskatchewan South Africa serving and learning experience for young adults.

Simunye is a Zulu word meaning 'We are One' and it symbolizes the way we live with others.

Through tough times, and with our faces lifted high, we face the world together.

This program provides young adults ages 18-25 with the opportunity to grow in faith as global Christians by living in community and working alongside South African partners.

Simunye Application Form

Simunye 2012 is happening right now! Click here to follow their experience on the Simunye Blog 


Encourage faith formation
  • Engage in cross-cultural learning
  • Foster global awareness and an ethic of service
  • Develop transformative relationships and leadership skills

  • The dates and details of Simunye 2013 have not yet been set. Please contact Megan Enns if you are interested or have any questions.
4 weeks in July including travel to and from South Africa

We anticipate a cost of approximately $3,500 per participant. This includes everything you need from departure to arrival (airfare, in-     country accommodations, travel, and food)
  • Fundraising is encouraged - MCC Saskatchewan and Alberta will work alongside participants to fundraise a portion of the program costs.

MCC South Africa
Follow the link for more information about MCC work on the African continent

Simunye FAQ

MCC Alberta Contact

Megan Enns
Youth and Peace Program Coordinator
toll free 1-888-622-6337 

Simunye Logo



There are MANY meaningful ways to get involved with MCC:




  • People affected by disasters and the people responding
  • MCC workers around the world who are faced with the challenges of a new culture and the desire to work sustainably and with integrity.





  • Be informed about what MCC is currently doing: Take a tour of the website and click on as many tabs as you can and read, read, read...
  • Be a contact person for MCC in your local congregation. Contact MCC and we will put you on a list for regular updates:
  • Encourage people in your work place to volunteer with or donate to MCC. Check out the Frequently asked questions at: and the cool giving options at
  • Have you shared a story recently of a meaningful moment during your time of service with your family? a friend? a current co-worker?...try it, write it down, consider sending it to us:



FUndraising Ideas



  1. Choose what you want to raise money for
  2. Organize a fundraising team
  3. Decide what type of fundraising event to hold
  4. Set a goal
  5. Plan what resources you will need to put on the event
  6. Establish a timeline
  7. Publicize your event
  8. Double your money - ask local businesses if they want to be corporate sponsor




HOPE (where needed most): Create a “helping hands for hope” wall, adding handprints with Psalms of hope and messages of goodwill for families. Climb the mountain of hope, posting a photo or drawing of a mountain and marking your progress to the top.  

 FOOD: Add rice or  beans to a clear glass jar. Fill a basket with in-season vegetables. Add pictures of food to blank paper plates. Hang cooking utensils, such as wooden spoons or spatulas.

WATER: Add blocks or Legos to build a giant bucket. Add glasses of water to a table. Shape blue pipe cleaners into rain drops and post them.

  PEACE: Add to a string of paper dolls or doves to signify people coming together. Piece together a puzzle made by cutting up a drawing or picture of a peaceful scene.Add patches of colorful fabric or paper to create a peace quilt.

JOBS: Make a line of hats that represent different occupations. Print out enlarged pictures of money from different countries and add them to a clothesline.  

EDUCATION: Make a pencil tower or use other school supplies. Complete the alphabet by adding letters as you move toward your goal. Fill a board with scientific equations or mathematical formulas.

  HIV/AIDS: String ribbons of health across the room. Create a tree of health, adding paper leaves with names written on them such as mother, friend, teacher, brother or nurse.

 HEALTH: Add pictures of healthy babies to a collage. “Build” a human body, adding a head, arms, torso, legs, toes, etc.

FRIENDSHIP: Add candles as a symbol of hope and welcome for newcomers. Trace and cut the outline of a person on cardboard and stick on pictures of young adults from around the world.



  • Do you want to post an event that you are hosting? Email (you must include your email address so that you can be contacted directly by any interested parties).


Are you an Alumnus of MCC and live in Alberta? We would love to hear from you!

We are always happy to support you where possible and find ways for you to stay connected if you want.

Contact our service coordinator: Iliana

Youth & Young Adult Program

MCC Alberta wants to connect with youth and young adults across Alberta.  Our youth program provides opportunities for young people to connect, serve and grow. Youth can participate in workshops, service and learning trips, volunteer opportunities and annual events. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us. We would love to connect with you! 

Planting Peace Final Day 

Our Youth and Young Adult Programs:


Acts of Peace Blog

What started as a challenge to youth to do 3 acts of peace each day for a year, has become a peace blog for people of all ages around the world! A place to stop and talk with others about peace making. “Say your peace” and learn more



Planting Peace 

A program piloted in 2010 will be happening again in spring of 2013. A series of workshops brought together young people from Alberta and young people from various countries with conflict (Palestine, Israel, Columbia, Nigeria) to talk about peacemaking.  Visit our Planting Peace page to learn more or read about Planting Peace 2010.



POP Team (Playing our Part)

Youth working together, finding ways we can play our part in this wonderful messy world. By meeting once a month, youth explore, learn and dream together. This team is just getting started. Right now meetings will focus on getting to know one another and doing acts of service with agencies in Calgary as we get our footing together. The team will follow the visions & dreams of the youth involved. 

There's still room to get involved so contact us for more information!

*Next event: will take place in the New Year.


Uprooted: Finding our roots in far away places

Uprooted is a Learning & Service Tour for Alberta & Saskatchewan Young Adults. Approximately 8 Young Adults will travel with MCC to the Northern & Southern borders of Mexico and explore themes of Migration & Peacebuilding. This 3 week tour will uproot participants to learn about themselves, learn about MCC and gain a greater awareness of the barriers faced by peoples in Mexico and countries to the south. Finding new roots in new places. Join the 2014 tour!


CASA (Community Awareness through Service and Action)

Through local learning and serving opportunities in Calgary, CASA aims to provide groups with a first hand look at poverty and homelessness through partnerships with local agencies. Each CASA Program is created around the needs of that group. For more information visit our CASA webpage or contact Megan @

Student Seminars

Each year the advocacy offices of Mennonite Central Committee (The MCC Ottawa Office, and UN Office) conduct seminars for students from universities, and seminaries, across Canada and the United States. Seminars expose students to the role of MCC’s political witness through exploring a range of advocacy issues and drawing on the knowledge and expertise of civil servants, NGO representatives, and members of Parliament. The seminars provide opportunity to meet other students while enjoying the sights and sounds of Ottawa & New York.
MCC Ottawa Office Student Seminar: Febrary 13-15, 2013. Registration Deadling: January 13. *Travel Subsidies Available.  

Youth and Young Adult Events

Throughout the year, we plan a number of events to engage with youth and young adults. Our Youth and Young Adult Camp Out, Fine Arts Festival and Planting Peace are some recent examples. To find out more about these and get them onto your calendars, please contact Megan Enns!


MCC Alberta Staff Contact:

Megan Enns
Youth and Peace Program Coordinator
toll-free 1-888-622-6337

2013 Highlights so far:

  • July 2013: This month we hosted two CASA groups! Abbeydale Christian Fellowship and Coaldale Mennonite Church’s youth groups each joined us for three days of volunteering and growing our awareness around poverty and homelessness in Calgary. Highlights included spending all night on the streets of downtown with StreetLight, and hearing about youth poverty and programming at the Alex. Together we learned to meet people as people, rather than stereotypes.
  • June 2013: At this year’s relief sale there was a great buzz at the MCC Go! booth. Thank-you to all those young and old who got involved cycling, walking, running on one of our exercise machines, or blending a smoothey to raise money for MCC! Contact us if you want to get involved in our ongoing Go! initiative. 
  • May 5-17, 2013: Planting Peace: For 2 weeks MCC Alberta welcomed 17 Young People, various volunteers, and speakers to explore peace. They spent two weeks breaking down barriers and building a community together, learning from one another, and travelled home to plant and promote peace in their own communities. Check out our Planting Peace page to hear more stories!
  • April 2013: Once again our CASA program hosted a group from Rosthern Junior College. The students learned about poverty & homelessness in Calgary through presentations, volunteering and experiencing a very cold night on the streets.
  •  February 2013: In February MCC Alberta supported 5 students in attending the bi-annual MCC Ottawa Office Student Seminar. The theme this year was “Peacebuilding in a Dangerous time. Students learned about peacebuilding  on a governmental level and how MCC’s national programming works at public engagement and advocacy. 
  •  Connections with Schools: An ongoing highlight for our peace team is our connections with schools and colleges such as Menno Simons Christian School (MSCS). We have had the privilege to speak at chapels, peace festivals and in class settings about MCC work and how students can get involved. We are always looking for more schools to connect with! This March, MSCS also took part in a 2 day CASA.
  • Young Supporters: This year we have been so pleased to connect with many kids and youth who take initiative to raise money for MCC. These young people accept donations in lieu of gifts at their birthday parties, plan bake sales or other fundraisers, pack school kits, and so much more. Read their stories here! Thanks to all these kids and youth for their wonderful support!
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